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For In-Depth, I spent over 40 hours learning about and creating animations! I focused on three different areas: environment creation, character creation, and game design.


Environment Creation

I started my learning by creating a street scene. I learned how to build this environment using simple objects (cubes, cylinders, spheres), different types of lights, and fog.
lighthouse banana
At the end of In-Depth, I used my new-found skills to create a lighthouse. This took about 4 hours to create, and I built this environment using transformations, lighting, and textures

See the lighthouse beacon in motion: https://youtu.be/neNqt2zNDuE
Have a closer look at the lighthouse: https://youtu.be/OceNXVf_TfU


Character Creation

I specifically learned how to create characters from my mentor.

Character creation was more difficult than I expected.
skinny legend
If I made one mistake, I could potentially cause problems with the model and result in additional work. I struggled the most with proportions.
After 9 hours, I fixed the proportions, learned how to create the face with my mentor, and added clothing and color. For fun, I decided to make her an alien dressed as a human.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have a closer look at the alien: https://youtu.be/IStHCS18BeY


Game Design

Although game design is not necessarily linked to animation, I learned about it so that I could gain the skills to turn my animations into video games in the future!

Menu Screen
Learning through an online course, I created a game called “terminal hacker”. Although the concept of the game is simple, the programming behind it took over 7 hours!

Interested in looking at my code? Check it out:
(code isn’t finished yet)


Additional Work

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This environment is a recreation of the TALONS room! Before the break, I took pictures of the classroom, set up the general layout, and worked on the details. This scene is still a work in progress but I’ve already put a lot of time into it.


Thanks for reading my blog! Feel free to ask questions below, or contact me directly if you would like to learn more 🙂

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