In-Depth Blog Post #6

In-Depth night is coming up this month! Since my last blog post, I continued developing my skills in animation, specifically in environment creation and programming. I’ve reached over 16 hours of work just in quarantine. I learned about lighting, camera angles, volumetrics, blocking, and more. Here are a few pictures of my work over quarantine:

As part of my animation environment course, one of the instructors gave a challenge to create a scene in less than 10 minutes. I manage to create a simple prison cell in that time.
In this image, I used Blender’s pre-created model monkey named Suzanne, to test out a lighting strategy called Three Point Lighting.
Menu Screen
With my game design course, I learned about the programming language C# and created this small video game. Although this is not directly related to animation, I developed my skills in programming which will help me in bigger animation products.

I don’t want to spoil all of my work, because I want to show it in my last blog post.

My goal at the start of this project was to create a 90 second animation with characters, voices, story, and environments. Now, I can see that this goal was quite unreasonable. I didn’t realize how complicated and big this topic is. I invested a lot of time learning, but I’ve barely skimmed the surface of the world of animation.

I still believe that I learned enough to demonstrate my skills. My plan for “In-Depth Night” is to create three quality products. The first one will be the character that I started developing with Deon in our previous meeting. I will meet up with her online to finish learn how to rig and animate the character. My second product will be an environment/scene. Since this is the area I pursued in-depth, I will focus my efforts into specifically this product. Some ideas I have but haven’t decided which to chose are a forest, haunted house, movie theater, and light house. My last product will be finishing an environment I made in January. I spent about 10 hours working on a scene but never actually finished creating it because I hadn’t developed the skills needed to continue. Now that I’ve learnt more, I want to finish the scene so I can show it on In-Depth night. (I can’t say what the scene is because I’m making it a surprise)

Overall, I’m happy with the progress I’ve made over the course of In-Depth. I look forward to showing my work on In-Depth night!


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