In-Depth Blog Post #1

For this year’s In-Depth project, I chose popping as my topic. Popping is a style of dance, similar to hip hop, that focuses on popping the muscles quickly and in controlled bursts. This differs from hip hop because the movements in popping are small, rigid and smooth, where in hip hop they are big and flowing. Popping includes moves like dimestopping, gliding, and body waving. Because popping isolates many different muscles and requires controlled precision and timing, it can get quite difficult. In this project, I will focus on building a strong foundation of popping, so if I chose to carry on popping in the future, I will know the basics and can learn any popping move without the assistance of a mentor.

To learn popping, I will talk to a teacher tomorrow at my dance studio to see if he can mentor me. If he agrees, I will meet with him for an hour every two weeks. For the first two months, he will teach me the foundation skills of popping. After two months of training, I will begin learning a routine. This routine will incorporate the popping moves that I will learn in the first two months. Then, I will present this routine at In-Depth night, on the stage in the MPR. By presenting my project as a routine, it provides a visual representation of my learning over the months.

I chose to learn popping because this dancing style is a new, harder dance style that I haven’t tried before. By learning popping, I am expanding my library of dance knowledge and moves. I am practicing my coordination and concentration skills. Additionally, my competitive hip hop group has popping segments in our routine which I have no idea how to do. By learning popping, I can master the sections of routine which are difficult, and I can show my group that I am a hardworking team member who cares about our performances.

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