16 thoughts on “Ted Talk Portfolio

  1. Kate I really enjoyed your TED talk! I really appreciate how you gave some background knowledge before asking your question. It really helped me to fully understand your question and to think of possible answers. I never knew that there were different types of artificial intelligence, and i didn’t know how much my online presence is monitored. I do wish there was a bit more expression in your voice, because long videos can sometimes use a bit more enthusiasm in your voice to keep the viewer engaged.Overall, amazing work! I cant wait to see what you do next year.

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    1. I also wonder what your opinions are about the overuse of artificial intelligence? Based on your research, do you think that there is a possibility of taking things too far and ending up like a science fiction movie where we become dependent on artificial intelligence to do our jobs?

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      1. I’m glad you asked! I believe that in the future, artificial intelligence will take over many jobs. It will first start with simple jobs like taxi drivers, but then slowly progress to more advanced jobs like doctors. I think there’s a high chance we will become dependent on artificial intelligence, and a possibility that they will take over and rule over humans 🙂


  2. Kate that was a really informative TED talk! I liked how you used visuals to help understand the concepts better, especially when covering the different types of AI; I probably would have been confused without it! You explained the ideas clearly and provided examples as well, which was super helpful. My only suggestion would be to use more eye contact. I’m also curious about how artificial intelligence is actually “made” in terms of coding, etc. Overall, excellent job!

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  3. Hi Kate, amazing job on your TED Talk! I found this topic very interesting to hear about and I learned a variety of things from it. You did a great job connecting your inquiry question to real life and exploring its relevance. You seemed to be very educated on your topic and you had good eye contact. Maybe for next time, give the audience a little bit of a synopsis on the problems with AI these days, so we can better understand how to improve it. Overall, amazing TED Talk and I really enjoyed watching it!

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  4. Hey Kate,

    Great job! I liked your clear speaking tone and how you ordered your points. Good job connecting your knowledge to everyday things we can relate to at the end. It helped me understand the answer to your question easily.

    One wish I have is that you could’ve had a visual behind you as you spoke to enhance your presentation even more.

    Awesome work!

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  5. Hi Kate! Great job on your TED talk! Your information was stated clearly and concisely in a way that was easy to understand. I also felt that your analogies/examples added a lot to your presentation. My question is, to what extent is AI developed based off of the human brain, and when does the process begin to develop differently? Great job!

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    1. Hi Amanda! Thank you for watching my TED talk. To answer your question, neural networks are like neurons in the brain but much simpler. Unlike human brains that improves slowly over thousands of years, artificial intelligence is improving dramatically faster.


  6. Great job Kate! Your TED talk was very informative and professional. I learned so much about AI’s. I enjoyed all the smooth transitions and pictures you added to make your TED talk even more engaging. One question I have is: Since AI’s are becoming more of a part of society today do you think they are going to become more powerful than humans? Awesome job! -Natasha


    1. Hi Natasha! I’m glad you enjoyed my TED talk. I think there’s a high chance that artificial intelligence could become more powerful than humans. Soon, artificial intelligence will take over more jobs, and we will become more and more reliant on them. In fact, most people are already reliant on their phones. So yes, I think there might even be a possibility that AI could take over.


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