Animal Farm DOL 2

To what extent do power and privilege, or a lack thereof, affect the beliefs of and actions of an individual in a revolution?

Increase in power can affect a leader in a positive or negative way, depending how they use it. In Animal Farm, the increase in power affects Napoleon negatively. He starts to use force and manipulation to get his own way, without considering the well-being of the other farm animals. When he breaks the commandments that “no animal shall kill any other animal” and nobody notices, he continues using that to his advantage to bend the rules (8). Overtime, he changes the commandments and by the end, they hold a different meaning than they originally had. Napoleon also used force when he bred dogs to follow his command. It ensured his safety from both the other animals and the outside world, because he promoted fear. By examining Napoleon, we can see that an increase in power can influence a leader to use force and manipulation to their advantage without considering others.

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