Animal Farm DOL 1

What conditions are needed for revolution to occur? Based on your readings so far, what is the single most significant factor leading the animals to revolution?

For a revolution to occur, the majority need to collectively agree there is a problem in their society that they need to solve. In Animal Farm, the problem the farm animals face is that Mr. Jones, their human owner, doesn’t provide them with enough food and care to live a sufficient life. The animals are also aware that once they reach a certain age, Mr. Jones slaughters them and they fear that. To solve this problem, the animals band together and “[chase] Jones and his men out on to the road” (7). “The Rebellion […] successfully carried through, Jones was expelled, and the Manor Farm was theirs” (7). This was a team effort and it only happened because they all collectively worked together to fix the problem with Jones.

Some specific conditions that are needed for a revolution to occur includes the need for a strong leader. The leader needs to hold the same values as the group, and show confidence and be convincing. The leader, or the group in general, should have a clear solution to how the problem should be solved. This isn’t necessary but it helps to motivate the group and align their values and beliefs. In Animal Farm, Old Major meets these conditions. He convinces the group that “nearly the whole of the produce of [their] labour is stolen from [them] by human beings” and by “[removing] Man from the scene, […] the root cause of hunger and overwork is abolished forever” (2). Major clearly and convincingly states and provides a solution to the problem, so the farm animals decide to listen to him. The last condition needed to start a revolution is a co-operative and willing group. Even if they agree with the idea of revolution, there some people are unwilling to take action. Without people who are willing to take action, a revolution cannot occur. Overall, there are many factors that are needed for a revolution to occur, but the main one is that a problem in a society has to be identified by the majority of the people, and taken action to fix.

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