STEP Wheel Of Revolution


SpaceX made history by launching a rocket into space and landing the first stage booster. The event happened four years ago, on December 22, 2015. The rocket, named the Falcon 9, successfully landed at Cape Canaveral. SpaceX tried three times before they succeeded. The third try had a 10% chance of succeeding than the first two tries. During previous attempts, the booster touched the ground but leaned over and crashed on it’s side.

By successfully landing the booster, we advanced our progress in space travel. SpaceX created a new technology that other companies could use for their rockets. Reusable boosters are just the first step in rocket reusability. Once all parts of a rocket become reusable, the exploration of space will become cheaper and people can explore space and setup colonies on the Moon and Mars.

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When the rocket booster successfully landed, SpaceX could use it again for as many as thirty more times. This saves them a huge amount of money, since each booster costs around 30 or 40 million dollars. By reusing boosters and rockets, SpaceX avoids taking up a lot of time and resources to build them. Instead, they can use the money for other things, such as making Tesla cars. As more parts of a rocket become reusable, the cost decreases dramatically.

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SpaceX didn’t launch the Falcon 9 just to land a booster. They used the Falcon 9 to deploy eleven satellites. These satellites allowed more communication in the world, additionally decreasing internet prices. By looking at the future, we can see that the Falcon 9 is a huge step in space travel. Eventually, humans will build colonies on other planets, such as Mars or the Moon. We will introduce new laws, and many people will have a new perspective of life.

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SpaceX isn’t the only one taking steps toward inhabiting other planets. The US government made the political decision to have NASA visit the moon in five years using one of SpaceX’s rockets. The progress that SpaceX makes influences other companies to take action.



Make connections to today and our present context, or other eras (wheels) of social change, or the evolution of “progress”. In what ways did your event follow the same trajectory as other events in the past or present?

This event is similar to the revolution of planes. At first, flying in the sky seemed like an unreachable goal. It was too expensive and the planes didn’t last for long distances. Over time, they became more convenient and affordable. As we invent new technologies, such as the rocket boosters that can land itself, we are make space travel easier. The exploration of space is a revolution similar to planes because both rockets and planes are ways of transportation that makes travelling easier. We hope to make space travel as easy and affordable as flying with planes.


Does your wheel represent, or end in justice for those involved? Does it remain unresolved, or does it continue into another revolution? If so, which one? In other words, were the consequences of the event positive or negative? To whom?  Explain.

SpaceX contributed greatly to the space travel revolution. Landing the booster was one of the first steps to colonizing other planets. The consequences of this event are greatly positive, for almost all people. It benefits climate change supporters because SpaceX helped the environment. It also benefits SpaceX, because it saves a ton of money that they can spend on other projects. The only people that this negatively effects is the people working against Elon Musk.

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