The Story of my Sponsor Child

Inquiry Question: What is the story of my Sponsor Child?

Click here for pictures of my source and my sponsor child. (For Mr. Morris only, due to privacy reasons)

Source: I chose a letter from my sponsor child, as my source. My sponsor child, Nayeli, wrote it in Dominican Republic during 2018. The letter was later shipped from her home to mine. Nayeli sent my family multiple letters, but I chose this one specifically because it was the most recent one. It is a primary source since Nayeli wrote it herself and she wrote it not long ago. Her letters are important to me because it makes me happy to know that my family helps to make a difference in the world, even for just one person.

Context: By looking at World Vision, the sponsor child website, I can learn about the progress of, not just Nayeli, but her community as well. Many of them receive an education, learn important life skills, and make positive changes in their community. They are also becoming self reliant, and will eventually live independently without our support. These positive changes hopefully influence Nayeli to live as a positive, curious, and caring person.

Description: This source is important to me because it tells me how Nayeli is doing, and it shows her progress in life. The letter says that she learned about water source protection, participated in cultural celebrations, and built a safe water source with others in her community, during the year of 2018. I find it interesting to read her letters because Nayeli tells me about herself in them. In the letter she talks about her hobbies, her community, and her dreams for her community. Every year she sends a letter and overall she progressed a lot.

Inferences About Perspective: Nayeli belongs to a community in Dominican republic. She is also part of World Vision, the organization that uses our money to help her. The organization is non-profit, focused on helping people’s lives. They ask all sponsor children to send a letter to their sponsors, so that they know the sponsor children appreciate their efforts. Nayeli made the letter to show us her appreciation in helping to change her life.

Inferences About Inquiry Question: By examining Nayeli’s letters, we can learn more about her and her community. This knowledge extends what I already know because I’m learning about a different environment than mine. The letters do not tell me every single detail about Nayeli, or give me the experience of living her life, but it gives us some insight of her world.

Some questions I have:

How long does the World Vision organization predict it will take before Nayeli’s community is entirely self-reliant?

How would the world look today if every family was able to sponsored one child?

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