In Depth Blog Post 3

For the past two weeks, I prepared a screenplay for a one minute film exercise. I focused on the chapters “how to be interesting” and “how to respond” from De Beno’s Beautiful Minds book.

For “how to be interesting”, I focused on #6 To find and make connections that link matters together and generates interest. Before I started writing my screenplay, Nathan recommended that “[I] should create a list of things [I] want and don’t want to see in [my] films”. This way, every time I write a screenplay I can look over the list and remind myself what my filming goals are. It will become a pattern that will make filming less complicated and more straightforward. During our last meeting, we compared our lists, making connections and looking for common items. It interests me to see how we differed in our view of what makes a film good.

I incorporated # 10: modify an idea to make it more acceptable to yourself and to make it stronger or more practical, into my meeting by asking my mentor for feedback on my screenplay. I did this because I wanted to focus on improving my story writing skills. I took out all faults or weaknesses that my mentor pointed out so it would be prepared for Tuesday.

Nathan’s main feedback was to “show, not tell” my story. He said that I should “make my dialogue more natural,” and “make it sound like a real person would say it.” For example, at one point my character says, “I know you love music a lot, but I feel like you should take a break. You’re a great friend and all, but you listen to music ALL the time and it’s kind of rude to have your earphones in while talking to someone. Can you take a break from music? For me?” It appears to be normal dialogue, but most of the time, people speak less formally and with extra filler words. This is why he recommended I keep my dialogue to a minimum, and show character personality and thoughts through actions instead. This advice helped me, because I feel I will be more confident when I film on Tuesday.

Click here if you would like to see my list of things I want and don’t want to see in my films. I plan to shoot my one minute film on Tuesday, with the help of my mentor and two additional actors. After I finish shooting, I will post my screenplay and my film.

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