In-Depth Blog Post 2

On February 7th, I met with my mentor, Nathan, for the first time. Angelina, Ethan, and their mentor, Elyjah, came as well. Rather than having two separate meetings, we held a joined group meeting. We introduced ourselves, talked about filming in general and what we want to get out of this project, and we created a plan for the next few months. I ended up changing my original plan, to one that my mentor suggested. In the first two months, I will focus on learning and developing my filming skills, by working on filming exercises. In the last two months, I will regroup with Ethan and Angelina, and, with our new knowledge and skills, we will create a final film product. Even though we will work together, each person will also have individual jobs to complete.

In my original plan, I wanted to keep track of my progress by posting an extra blog post each month. This blog post would state my SMART goals for that month, and how I improved on them. Now that I changed my plan, my SMART goals do not apply anymore. Once I get advice from my mentor on my plan for the next few months, I will create new SMART goals.

I disagreed with my mentor about the importance of a story line in filming. During the meeting, Angelina and I voiced our concerns about how we believe coming up with a good story line is one of the hardest parts of filming, but Elyjah and Nathan had a different opinion. They believed the story line is not as important as other aspects of film making. Our difference in opinions is most likely based on experience. Once I complete this project, my opinion may change or stay the same.

Because we held different opinions on this matter, we sought to find points of agreement. For example, we found circumstances where each opinion was correct. We came to the agreement that, for beginners, the technical aspects of filming outweigh coming up with a good story line, because you have not acquired the knowledge and skill to shoot quality films yet. On the other hand, for professionals, coming up with a good story line could be harder, because they are already comfortable with filming, and they already possess the required skills.

During our meeting, I noticed that Nathan and Elyjah used strategies from the Beautiful Minds book to disagree with each other. For example, Nathan thinks filming is a very wide topic, and that we should only focus on one aspect of it for in-depth. Elyjah disagrees, because he believes you can cover filming as a whole, even though it is a much broader topic. Both of my mentors used strategies from the Beautiful Minds book, because they made sure to disagree kindly and politely, and they did not disagree just for the sake of disagreeing. I believe that their opinions differ because both have different experiences and focuses that change how they perceive things.

Overall, the first meeting with my mentor went really well, and I am really excited to learn about filming. To start, I watched a couple of videos and I took notes on them. If you wish to see my notes, view them here.




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