Midnight Summer’s Dream – Letter to Theseus

My beloved king,

I would like to inform you that I decided to allow Lysander to marry my daughter, Hermia. You may wonder why I made this decision.

Lysander did not use magic to win Hermia’s heart; he genuinely loves her. Yes, at first I believed he bewitch’d the bosom of my child, but now, I see past my assumption. The gifts, the songs, and the attention he gave her, were merely methods to display his love and affection. How could Hermia resist falling for such a fine gentleman?

Now, Demetrius on the other hand. I thought he was the one for my daughter, but I have changed my mind. He is an unreliable and untrustworthy man. Before I choose him as the husband for Hermia, he was in love with Helena. Then, when I asked him to wed my daughter, he abruptly lost interest in Helena and “fell in love” with Hermia. I beg your pardon, but this seems rather orchestrated, don’t you think? This makes me believe he only fancies my daughter for her money. By allowing Lysander to marry my daughter instead of Demetrius, I am assuring that they will live a happy and genuine marriage, with no ulterior motives.

I spoke with Lysander and Hermia, and we agreed to have the wedding in two days. Yes, it is quite soon for them to get married, but I feel as if I owe this to the two eager lovers, for being a hindrance to their happiness. Unfortunately, I must miss their wedding. I made a promise to a few companions to go on a hunting party with them. We will be gone for around two weeks. I deeply apologize for this.

I bid your Grace farewell, and I wish you and Hippolyta have a glamorous wedding.

Your dutiful and obedient subject,

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