In-Depth Introductory Post

For my In-Depth project, I want to explore filming. I have prior experience in filming from previous projects, both in and out of school, but I want to try and explore it more in-depth, and learn on a professional level.


Every month, I will focus on different aspects of filming. For example, in the first month, I will focus on planning a film and writing a script. In the second month, I will practice shooting scenes. In the third month, I will practice editing. In the last two months of my project, I will create a final product that I will present at in-depth night. This will be a short film.


Through-out this process, I will continuously research and meet with my mentor. I have not found a mentor yet, but I contacted one of Gleneagle’s teachers about locating one for me. In this project, the skills I will learn are planning, script writing, shooting scenes, and editing. Along the way, I will post my SMART goals for each month, and at the end of that month, I will explain and include evidence on how well I did on that goal. This way, I can show my progress in my project. Chanel, Jian, Jasmine, Natasha and I will celebrate at the end of the project by going out to snowy village.

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