3 Ways that John Maxwell’s REAL Success Leadership Sessions Relates to the TALONS Program Leadership Course

  1. The TALONS program consists of autonomous learners who are independent and self-sufficient. Instead of learning on our own, we come together as a community to work as a team. This is effective and important because as John Maxwell said, “one is too small a number to achieve greatness” (14). Also, Teddy Roosevelt said that “the most important single ingredient to the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people” (6). Working with our fellow TALONS learners helps us practice our ‘people skills’ in a safe and positive environment.
  2. John Maxwell says that great leaders equip others and “grow their vision from me to we” (12). For our leadership projects, the grade tens are teaching us how to plan and communicate as a team, and in return, we are giving them the opportunity to learn how to equip people. For example, for the layout committee, the grade tens had to learn to let us handle the forms rather than take control and work on it themselves.
  3. During our retreat, I used the relationship rules to get to know my fellow peers. For example, I followed rule four by remembering to focus on my classmates’ interests whenever I started a conversation with them, I followed rule three by trying to remember everyone’s names, and I followed rule five by asking for help whenever I needed it.

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