The Haunted Shipwreck

In vast uncharted oceans, an abandoned shipwreck leaned against a pillar of ice. Her moldy mass was snapped in two, and the yellow stained sail sagged against her damp hull. The smell of the ocean was strong; you could almost taste the salt. Inside the ship’s quarters, a rotting skeleton rested in the captain’s chair, with the traditional pirate hat, eye-patch, and hook. Its eyes were like black holes; they were empty and devoid of life. The skeleton’s arm draped across a rusty black box, and through a crack in the top, authentic gold coins sparkled from inside. Any ambitious adventurer who tried to take the beckoning box would trigger a floor trap, and fall into an adhesive spider web soaked in blood. In the shadowy corner of the web, eight red eyes the size of basketballs lingered in the darkness, waiting silently and patiently for its next victim. At last, an echoing creak was heard as an adventurer strode onto the ship’s deck. The immense spider waited in the darkness, knowing that it’s next meal was soon.

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