“Dad is Dying” Response

In my opinion, Sam should not have lied. His lie caused people to worry, put unnecessary time and effort into helping him, and would cause them to lose trust in him if they found out the truth.

The people in his community were spending a lot of their time and effort into helping him. “A lady called Mrs. Gillespie took him from the bench and led him to the counselling room. Mrs. Gillespie was a counsellor. ‘I want you to tell me about your father,’ she said kindly.” (156) “Sam had been living the life of Riley- free ice cream, sleepovers… on Sunday the Turlingtons were taking him to a baseball game.” (151) These acts of kindness might have benefitted Sam and his family in the short term, but in the long term this was morally wrong because Sam had unintentionally manipulating them.

The lie caused his community emotional pain and grief. “Before either of them said anything, Mary burst into tears.” (142) “Sam looked at the book and then at Jordy’s mother. Jordy’s mother started to cry.” (152) The lie was affecting Sam’s friends, family, and neighbors because they all knew Dave and they felt sympathy for him since he was slowly dying.

Sam’s lie was also very deceiving. If people had found out that what he said was not true, they would be humiliated and would not respect him. People would become more suspicious of what Sam said, and they would not trust him as much.

In conclusion, I believe that Sam should not have lied because he caused emotional pain, took up a lot of unnecessary time and attention, and risked losing a lot of trust.

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