Why I Chose Her As My Roommate

I believe that Alex would be the best person for my roommate because I find that out of all the candidates, she is the one I can most relate too. She seems to have good time management, which would help because we can get work done quickly and have more time for fun stuff later.

In her statement, Alex wrote that basketball was the most important thing in her life. She probably spends a lot of time outside of school playing it. That requires a lot of time management, because you must also make time after school for homework. Having good time management would help us as roommates to finish our tasks quickly (while doing a good job) and make more time for fun activities and relaxing.

I find that, out of all the possible roommates, I can relate to Alex the most. In her statement, she mentioned she liked basketball, art, and reading. I like those things too. When I can relate to someone, I feel like I can bond with them quicker, rather than talking to someone who has entirely different interests than me.

Alex and I would finish our work quickly, leaving more room for fun. We share some of the same interests, which I think would help me bond quicker with her. These are a few of the reasons why I think that Alex would be a good roommate for me.

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